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Now more than ever, the emphasis on employee productivity, wellbeing and diversity is paramount. Working from home and adapting to a 'new norm' has been challenging. The importance of wellbeing, both physical and mental, has been enhanced.


Staff wellbeing is, without a doubt, a topic in everyone’s offices right now. Ensuring your staff are supported is essential. Employees want to feel valued and supported and we can facilitate exactly that at INSPIRE. Employees also want to feel included and inclusion is part of the process allowing everyone to attend work as their best selves.


We offer corporates a centralised, outsourced solution for everything 'mental health and wellbeing and diversity', allowing you to continue doing what you do best - your business.

Packages are bespoke to each business to provide a solution that has impact. We provide leading qualified, industry professionals for all of our products are flexible to your business size.

Online Meditation


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