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Are you a qualified fitness professional? Or perhaps you're looking at a change in career and want to have your own Personal Training business but don't know where to start.

As someone who's been through it, made the mistakes and taken the wrong turns, you don't have to. I'm here to help and guide you through what it takes to run a successful personal training and coaching business.

Want to know how I managed to go from £0 - £40,000 turnover?

Want more... see below what I offer.

All About Me

It all started two years ago, I lost my Project Management job I loved. During the worse time that UK was facing I decided to start my business part- time. It quickly moved to full time. 

In my first full year trading I have had a successful turnover of over £40,000, YES, that's right in my FIRST year of trading.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that's going to happen to you - but what I can do is help guide and support you through your journey.


The full package

Full 12 month mentorship to help you figure out your passion and path in the industry. Helping you from the very start of your journey.

Suitable for those looking to start in the fitness industry.

Includes full 12 months of mentoring support with 1 hour weekly calls with aims, objective and goals to enable you to reach your goals.


The Ad-Hoc package

One to one mentoring sessions available on an ad-hoc basis to talk through your obstacles as a business, providing you with solutions and implementations to thrive.

Suitable for those already trading or part - time working on your side hustle making it full-time.

Includes a monthly retainer if required, 1 hour weekly calls with aims and objectives.

Shadowing session

The session will give you the opportunity to see what a real personal training session looks like and see skills you need to work 1-1 with clients. You will also have the opportunity to ask Leila  any questions about the session and working in a private practice afterwards.


  • 45-minute shadowing session​

The session costs £10 and limited. Sessions can be done either face to face or virtually.


Leila helped me so much at the start of my personal training career. She was so friendly and made me feel comfortable to ask her anything I was unsure of. She let me shadow her work and gave me feedback when I asked for it. I really valued her support and her training ethics and I would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their overall health and fitness.

Mel - newly qualified PT

Marble Floor





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