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Affects the Pandemic Has Had on our Mental Health

As we are aware, the coronavirus pandemic of 2020/2021 has had a huge impact on our mental health and wellbeing. We have been experiencing symptoms of loneliness, stress, isolation, anxiety, depression, sadness, and in some cases suicidal ideation/ suicidal thoughts.

All these symptoms can be fo

r many reasons:

- The worry of catching covid and becoming unwell

-Financial loses due to redundancy or being put on furlough

- Feeling disconnected with the world, particularly family members and friends

- The pandemic as a whole


-Almost 1 in 5 adults were likely to be experiencing some form of depression, or depressive symptoms during the pandemic. This has almost doubled since the year 2019 from 1 in 10 adults.

-1 in 8 adults developed moderate to severe depressive symptoms during the pandemic.

-Feeling stressed or anxious has been the most common way adults have experienced depression.

-Over 2 in 5 adults experiencing some form of depression during the pandemic have said that their relationships have been affected.


Practicing self-care, mindfulness, and attending therapy can help with any of the above symptoms. There are also many apps you can download to help with mental health, such as calm.

Whether you are feeling a little uneasy about the lifting of the restrictions, or you are still feeling down because of the toll lockdown and the past year has had on us, we are more than happy to help at INSPIRE.

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