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The Human Rights Violations in Mental Health Services

The mental health crisis worldwide has led to overwhelm in mental health services globally. WHO (World Health Organization) has launched a campaign in regards to the lack of human rights when it comes to individuals mental health care and support. WHO are working to promote better human rights and ensure that they are grounded in mental health practices for all patients.

For individuals suffering with poor mental health, a lack of human rights and dignity can lead to those asking for help to feel worthless and stop them from reaching out for support. The video created by WHO has highlighted the issue of the neglect of human rights within mental health services and urging for more provisions to be community-based. WHO believed that providing respect towards patients must have increased visibility in communities. WHO’s new guidance aims to help people access services from within their own communities but also support individuals with day-to-day living, such as facilitating access to accommodation and links with education and employment services.

InspireUK - The Charity is proud to be working with Witham Hub, Essex and other local community hubs to provide accessible and affordable mental health support to service users.

At InspireUK - The Charity, individuals can access affordable psychological support with little wait time. InspireUK recognises the continuation of the negative stigma around mental health and the difficulty of receiving adequate and timely support. Working with Witham Hub compliments the findings and guidance from WHO to provide a service that is dignified and offers support to those in need. WHO’s figures illustrate that governments spend less than 2% on early mental health intervention support and most of its finance is spent on psychiatric or psychiatric hospitals. This has led to the need for community-based early interventions and mental health hubs to support individuals.

To increase the accessibility of mental health services in the UK, InspireUK - The Charity’s aim is to build mental health hub’s nationally to provide quality, ethical mental health support from trained and qualified professionals.

As a leading charity it is important that we advocate against the inequalities in mental health. We will continue to contribute towards abolishing the discrimination of individuals.

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