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Why we are not an EAP..

Traditionally Employee Assistant Programmes (EAP) have been implemented into businesses to offer services such as:

  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Health assessments

  • Flu Vaccinations

Although many EAP’s have now shifted into the wellbeing sphere and offer counselling services, often this is not long lasting with only 6 sessions available for the employee.

For us here at INSPIREUK it’s essential for us to work with organisations to help them implement a culture change within businesses, to have more open conversations around mental health and wellbeing. We work from the core of the organisation your people first, your employees. We do this by creating a wellbeing employee survey which is sent to each individual member of your organisation, to find out what THEY really want and need support with.

Fundamentally they are the power behind your business, they are the backbone, and you have to invest and create a culture which enables everyone to bring their whole self to work.

With our bespoke solutions we work with you to understand your business needs and requirements and supporting individuals. We do this by implementing and imbedding lasting strategies that incorporate everything from physical wellbeing to mental resilience.

There’s no one size fits all and that’s why we pride ourselves in creating solutions that last, that give you the autonomy to continue investing in your employees for today and beyond.

To find out more how we can help your business and equip your employees with the support and resources they need get in touch today.

Call: +44796 4076 493

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