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Our Services

Working at home

1-1 Counselling / Therapy

InspireUK provides subsidised talking therapies to support mental health and well-being. Recognising the importance of accessible mental health care, InspireUK offers these services at reduced costs, ensuring that more individuals can benefit from professional therapeutic support regardless of their financial situation. Through a range of tailored talking therapies, the charity aims to help people navigate their mental health challenges, promoting a healthier, more resilient community.

Online Support Groups

InspireUK is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our various online support groups, designed to cater to diverse mental health needs within the community. Among these new initiatives is a dedicated men's mental health group, providing a safe and supportive space for men to discuss their unique challenges and experiences. These online groups aim to foster a sense of community and belonging, offering peer support and professional guidance to help individuals on their mental health journey. By expanding our services online, we strive to make mental health support more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Support Group Session
Practicing Yoga

Movement For Mental Health Classes

InspireUK is proud to introduce our "Movement for Mental Health" online classes, a six-week series designed to enhance mental well-being through physical activity. Starting on 1st July 2024, these classes will be held every Tuesday morning at 09:30am and are structured with a "pay what you can afford" model to ensure accessibility for all participants.

Each session aims to integrate gentle exercises, providing a holistic approach to improving mental health.

Join us online to move, connect, and support your mental health journey in a welcoming and flexible environment.

Free Resources

At InspireUK, we understand the critical importance of mental health support in the workplace. That's why we offer a range of free resources specifically tailored for corporates and small businesses. These resources are designed to help employers support their employees' mental well-being effectively. From comprehensive guides and toolkits to workshops and webinars, our offerings cover various aspects of mental health, stress management, and creating a supportive work environment. By equipping businesses with these essential tools, InspireUK aims to foster healthier, more productive workplaces where employees feel valued and supported.

Support Groups

Community Support Groups

InspireUK is thrilled to announce the launch of several community-focused groups in Essex later this year, aimed at fostering connection and support within the local community. These groups will offer a variety of activities and discussions tailored to address the unique needs and interests of Essex residents. From mental health support circles to social engagement events and educational workshops, our upcoming initiatives are designed to strengthen community bonds and promote well-being.

By providing these opportunities for connection and mutual support, InspireUK is committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals across Essex.

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