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There are always times in life when we all need a little help and support; whether that’s to talk through worries oor whether you need a listening ear. Here at InspireUK, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best practitioners for your needs. We have a wide range of qualified, registered and insured professionals counsellors and therapist who support our clients to receive the very best care.

The advantages of using InsireUK is:

  • You can trust we have the right professionals for you on board.

  • No long wait times to see someone; we can turn around your enquiry within a week.

  • No central call centre where you disclose all your information to. We are a small team of professionals, respecting your confidentiality.

  • We ensure that everyone is qualified, insured and registered.


We don’t want anyone to suffer alone and that is why we are bringing you this service. We offer a range of affordable counselling for those who require support.

You can self refer today by emailing us for support. Depending on your circumstances we can help you access talking therapies from as little as £30 per session. 

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