About InspireUK - The Charity

InspireUK was founded in October 2020 to help the overwhelming NHS and other mental health providers through the COVID19 pandemic. InspireUK offers affordable counselling and therapeutic services to individuals through our pool of registered professionals. Helping bridge the gap in accessibility and affordability for counselling services.

Often individuals are denied NHS support and privately run practices are not feasible. Many mental health services are underfunded and individuals are finding themselves either waiting a long time to see a professional or even denied the support. We work to help individuals access the support they vitally need.

For more information on how you can access our support please feel free to get in touch at info@inspireuk.co

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To improve the mental health and wellbeing in society by enabling and empowering individuals to seek the support for their mental health and wellbeing through affordable and accessible services.


We aspire to become a national partner in the provisions and advocacy for affordable mental health and wellbeing services for all and committing to breaking down the barriers of inequality.

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