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Get Involved

As a charity we feel strongly that nobody should ever face a mental health problem alone. More than ever, we need your help so we can provide the best services and support to those who need it.


There are a number of options for how you can support us;




Fundraising can be a fun and meaningful individual or group task, and can take up as much or as little of your time as you can spare. Some easy options you may wish to consider;

  • EasyFundraising – a platform which allows retailers to make donations for every online purchase you make, at no extra cost to you.  

  • Run a race – Find a race which you can sign up to fundraise for us via our page on Run For Charity

  • Contact us for a collection bucket and set it up in your local sports or community club


If you have any fundraising ideas, no matter how big or small, we will support you all the way, just get in touch!




We love working with others who are passionate about supporting mental health. We offer corporate partnerships such as becoming Charity of the Year, and support employers in fundraising and awareness raising activities which benefit both the charity and their workforce.


We are also always keen to hear from other mental health organisations to explore synergies in the way we work. If you would like to discuss, please reach out.




Check out opportunities to volunteer with us here.


Spread the Word


We want to ensure that we are reaching as many people as possible, so why not help us spread the word about the important work we do, and mental health more broadly?


We offer talks and mental health information sessions whether you are a community group, a sports team or a business.


Alternatively, give us a follow and a shout on our social media channels! 


We want you to know that we value your support, truth be told we can't do this without you! Whether that's through taking action, giving up your time or fundraising on our behalf or donating we are extremely grateful.


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