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Why is checking in on your employees and their mental is so important?

Often, we feel like a broken record here at INSPIRE. We continually talk about mental health and wellbeing of employees, but there is a very valid reason. Last week Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, produced a report that 25% of employees said that their workplace had no checked in on their mental health since the crisis hit over a year ago. Additionally, a third (29%) have never had a conversation with their line manager about their mental health. These stats are increasingly worrying.

We understand more than anyone that having conversations with staff around their mental health can be daunting. Often, managers have been promoted into their positions because they are fantastic at their job, not trained to be manager or know how to deal with supporting their team. This can lead to uncertainty and apprehension when discussing topics such as wellbeing and mental health.

The full article published by People Management Magazine can be found here:

If you're unsure how to approach your staff or colleagues on how to open up the conversation get in touch with us today - we are here to help, assist and drive you forwards in changing your business culture to enhance employees wellbeing. 📧

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