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Leila from INSPIRE was fantastic in helping me find the right person when it came to my eating disorder. Leila was non judgemental and made me feel at ease about reaching out for help. I am pleased to say that with help from Dr Edwards I have managed to get my freedom with food back, and yes there may be times where I will struggle again but I know I can always come back to therapy.


Thank you to all who have set up the sessions. I’ve really enjoyed Leila's session on a Monday morning, I’ve struggled over the past few months to get moving during the working week but having the 15 minutes planned in my diary and seeing Leila’s energy and positivity when leading the session makes me feel prepared and focused for my day ahead.


Leila’s energy is infectious and she is so encouraging to get you up and moving! Her sessions are great to help me fit some movement into my day whilst working from a desk for the majority of it! Thank you Leila 

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